Things to do in Siquijor Island:

Firstly, make sure you stay somewhere on the island with an easy access to beaches, restaurants and bars. We made the mistake of staying at Lazy Beach Resort. The place itself was beautiful but it was in a remote part of the island. It took us 40 minutes to get to the nearest town, 20 minutes of that was down a horrible dirt road. The resort also had no WIFI or reception, so we were quite stuck.

Luckily, we were able to organise a day trip with the driver who brought us to the resort.

I would recommend staying in San Juan as there is a lot more to do there. There are restaurants, and plenty of beaches. One in particular is a must-visit beach.

Cambugahay Waterfalls

While in Siquijor island you have to visit the Cambugahay Waterfalls. They are so much fun. You pay 50 pesos to use the swing, but this includes unlimited swings. There are 2 in the waterfalls, one that is a little higher which you have to pay another 50 pesos for. The locals are so much fun and have a laugh with you. We played on the swings for about 2 hours before we headed to the beach for the afternoon.



Paliton Beach

The Paliton beach is a beautiful little beach in San Juan. As you arrive you will be slightly disappointed as it doesn’t give off a great first impression. Once you walk down the beach a little further, you will arrive at a stunning part of the beach, white sand surrounded by palm trees. The beach is usually quiet which is a huge bonus!

If you are in Siquijor for a couple of nights and have a spare day, consider checking one of the many resorts on the island that offer day entry for a fee. The price is usually quite cheap and it gives you access to beaches, restaurants, kayak hire etc. They are good little spots to hang out for the day!