Full-Time Digital Nomad Travelling the World 🧭

Travel tips, Amazing Destinations, Work With Me

Full-Time Digital Nomad Travelling the World 🧭

Travel tips, Amazing Destinations,
Work With Me

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Hi! I’m Charlotte 🙂

An English girl who grew up on the tiny island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

After graduating University in 2016 I took a leap of faith and moved to Australia.

Fast forward 3 years of working my butt off, travelling to new places and falling in love with the sensations and freedom that travelling gave me, I decided to take my life on the road full-time!

In 2019 I officially became a digital nomad and have since been working remotely from my laptop while exploring this beautiful planet!

I created this blog to help fellow travellers not only find the best spots while travelling to a place, but also to find the courage to go after what they want.

Below you will find my recent travels blogs to help you plan for your own trips!

You can also find out more about how I make this lifestyle happen.


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My Projects


I work in all things digital. I am a web developer, an expert in SEO, constructing complex email marketing funnels, and creating captivating content for brands / companies.

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If you have any questions or are looking to work with me, contact me below. Alternatively you can email me at charlotte@greeneyedtraveller.com

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Green Eyed Traveller

Full-time digital nomad travelling the world.

Sharing travel tips, stories and photographs from beautiful destinations across the globe!

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