The Red beach, El hierro known as Playa del Verodal, is located on the West side of the island. Due to its location, it is the perfect sunset spot and during golden hour, both the sand and the surrounding cliffs light up a powerful red colour.

The red sand gets its colour from the natural materials in the cliffs, and this whole area is a bio reserve of the island.

The currents here are quite dangerous, so it’s probably best if you have a quick paddle in the shallow end and make your way back to the sand.

Red Beach El Hierro – How to Get There

Getting to Playa del Verodal is very straight forward. Simply follow the map. The roads are tarmacked, although quite steep and windy when going up the mountain. The last 500 metres are off-road but it’s in a good condition.

If you decide to stay for sunset, don’t hang around too long afterwards as the windy roads right near the beach are not lit up and it could be quite dangerous driving on them in the dark.

Red Beach El Hierro - Playa del Verodal

We stayed for golden hour and then watched the sunset from the other point – Arenas Blancas.

What to take

This beach is very secluded so you need to take snacks and water with you. There is also a free BBQ area with lots of seating under cover. If you were planning on having a beach BBQ, Playa el Verodal is great place to do it.

I recommend visiting this beach in the late afternoon and staying to watch the sun go down. The colour of the sand and the cliffs are enhanced during this time and it’s pretty magical to see.

In the next few weeks I will continue to write blog posts re El Hierro, and all the other Canary Islands so keep your eyes peeled.

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