Packing for a trip can be difficult, especially when packing light doesn’t come easy to you. I am the type of person who knows I need to take 5 outfits, but will take 25 “just in case”. What makes it even harder is having to carry around kilos and kilos worth of camera equipment. I love taking photos of the places I travel to and therefore couldn’t sacrifice taking my equipment with me. However, I have learned what the essentials are and what can be left behind (so that you can fit in another outfit that you don’t need, ehem ;))The following guide is a list of essential travel photography equipment you must have on every trip if you love to take photos or wish to be a travel photographer. The list was written by my friends over at InvertPro and contains everything a budding photographer would need, apart from camera and lens.


The first thing to have at hand is the backpack to carry all of the essentials. If size, compartments, and security matters to you (which we know it does) then Pacsafe Campsafe backpacks, available in both 17L and 25L, is the best option.

Hard Drive

Hard drives are a must when it comes to travel photography, especially if you have a blog like It is prudent to have multiple hard drives from brands like LaCie or C-technology that wear and tear proof.

Memory Cards

Along with hard drives, one needs to have multiple memory cards to store photos. Moreover, traveling can cause damage to them over time. Therefore, investing in a couple of Sandisk cards is a must.

travel photography equipment you must have on every trip

Cloud Backups

Tech devices are not always reliable and can break at any time during travel. However, if you have a blog, then losing photos is not an option. Therefore it is prudent to have cloud backups like Backblaze to store your photos, just in case.


Filters are important. From preventing sun glares from protecting your lens from UV rays, they are a must in a traveling photographer’s kit. So, be sure to pack UV, CPL, and natural density filters in your backpack.

Weather Hoods

Weather is unpredictable, no matter where you go. However, the best shots are found during those times. Thus, investing in a hood to prevent any damage to your camera is a smart thing to do.


Travel Photography Equipment You Must Have on Every Trip


The importance of extra batteries is not lost on any photographer. A travel photographer, moreover, requires them the most as they don’t always get to charge them.

travel photography equipment you must have on every trip

Light-weight Tripod

Tripod is essential in the photography kit. However, carrying one is not easy when traveling. Therefore, lightweight carbon fiber like Benro or Joby Gorilla pod will be helpful as they can get you shots in your desired angle while not killing your shoulders.

Wireless Intervalometer

There are times in a photographer’s life when they cannot press the shutter by themselves. A travel photographer faces such situations multiple times. Therefore, a wireless intervalometer like Vello shutterboss is an investment to consider.

Tablet and Stylus

 All the times spent on editing photos using a mouse is a nightmare for a photographer. A Wacom tablet, however, makes editing fast and convenient, for you use a pen to do it all.

Editing Software

Posting raw photos is not everyone’s thing and is not a prudent decision for blogs. Even a professional will require the help of software like Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop. Hence, they are an essential item in your kit.

Camera Clip and Strap

Holding the camera in our hands is tiresome and impractical. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a sturdy and reliable camera clip and strap like the ones from Peak designs is a must in your backpack.

Cleaning Equipment

Travel equals to exposure to different environments, including dust. As such, having microfibre cloths, scope system, etc. in your backpack during your next trip, goes without a say.