As a photographer, I love finding new apps to edit my photographs with. I mainly use Lightroom and Photoshop on my laptop, but sometimes I just don’t have time and I need a quick solution to use on my iphone. Here is a short Snapseed Review for all you photography lovers!

I came across Snapseed whilst in the Philippines and fell in love with the App. There are so many things you can do with your photographs with endless amounts of features. The HDR setting is my favourite, as it adds both colour and depth to your images.

You can erase parts of a photo that you don’t want, such as a lamp post popping out of your head, or a dustbin in the background. You can enhance the colours of specific things, such as the sea, sky or beach colours.

There are many filters available within the app too for anyone who isn’t quite sure how to edit their photos, lending you a small hand. I personally am not a fan of filters in general however.

I LOVE using this app when I am unable to get my hands on my laptop. It is definitely a fantastic substitute for Lightrooom and the best part is, it is completely FREE.

The new upgrade in Snapseed also means you can edit RAW files – an absolute dream for Photographers!!

This app is suitable for Android and iOS.