We asked the receptionist of our hotel for a good restaurant nearby and he recommended we go to Porta Castello.

The restaurant was just across the road from our hotel with about 36 seats. It is obviously a family-run business, by the warm welcoming and homely feel inside. We were immediately made to feel comfortable. It is an Italian-styled restaurant, with reds, greens and whites decorated on the walls. Simple looking decor but with amazing food!

There was a huge menu to choose from with lots of variants of home-made pizzas, pastas and antipastos. Everything in the restaurant is made from scratch. You can tell by the colour of the pasta as it has a vibrant yellow colour to it. Even the ice cream is homemade.

Charlotte ordered a pasta dish called Porta Castello, the same name as the restaurant. We wondered whether it was their signature dish so wanted to try it. The pasta came with cherry tomatoes, rocket and gorgonzola cheese. The tagliatelle was perfectly cooked al dente, with just the right amount of gorgonzola within the sauce. The cherry tomatoes and the rocket gave the overall dish a taste of freshness. The gorgonzola didn’t overpower the entire dish, which is an easy mistake to make. The whole dish was the perfect balance.

I was very jealous!

I chose to order a pizza (of course). It came with ham, olives and egg.

The pizza base was so amazingly thin. It was perfectly crispy on the outside but still moist in the middle. It needed a little bit of salt to bring out the extra flavour but overall it was a delicious pizza. One of the best I’ve had.

Charlotte fancied a dessert and ordered a White Truffle (name on the menu) hoping for a chocolately surprise. It turned out to be a scoop of vanilla ice cream with amaretto sauce. It was not what we were expecting but it was still great! The homemade ice cream makes a massive difference with a creamy texture and a subtle hint of vanilla!

Porta Castello definitely has our vote, and we recommend this restaurant to anyone in Rome!

Largo di Porta Castello, 28, 00193, Roma