Marco Polo is a beautiful Italian Restaurant, in the town of San Juan with an Italian owner. At Marco Polo they serve homemade pizzas and pastas, which are so tasteful, and the prices are very reasonable

The staff are lovely and so welcoming. Julio the owner is very helpful and loves what he does. He is originally from Italy and the ingredients for his food are all from traditional Italian recipes, making it taste wonderful.

We enjoyed Marco Polo so much, we came back again the same day for dinner.

There is an outdoor seating area with hammocks and tables overlooking the sea. This is the perfect little sun spot, with a lovely breeze passing through the trees. We chose to eat outside our lunch outside and gazed over to the water followed by a swing on the hammock while sipping a cold beer.

There is also fantastic WIFI in the restaurant which is very hard to find in the Philippines. It is a bonus if you have emails to respond to, or someone to message.

Overall, Marco Polo is a great restaurant.