L’insalata Ricca.

Walking through the streets of Rome by night is a must do! The little alleyways are lit up with fairy lights, there are 100’s of Italian restaurants that are filled with locals gossiping about their day. Pizzas, pastas and salads on their tables with bottles of red wine – oh, what a fab culture!

We walked into L’insalata Ricca because of its name ‘The Delicious Salad’. Charlotte was a bit sick of eating pizza and pasta and fancied some refreshing food.

Guess what we ended up ordering…? PIZZA.

Charlotte decided she wasn’t hungry and I never wanted salad in the first place! There were many people around us eating salads however, and they looked delicious, filled with generous amounts of ingredients. I did regret my decision for a moment, but then my pizza arrived.

I ordered a Quattro Formaggi pizza which is made with Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Red Vane, and Parmesan. This pizza is to die for.

I am Dutch, so naturally I am a huge fan of cheese. Pizza + 4 types of cheese is literal perfection for me. The pizza was huge, with a thin base and so rich in flavour. It was very moist, with melted cheese covering the entire thing, but still with a crispy crust.

I also ordered half a litre of red wine which only cost 4€.

L’Insalta Ricca – Another Cheap Meal

In total, we paid 8.5€ for the pizza and just 4€ for the wine, resulting in another extremely cheap meal.

I was stuffed, tipsy, and probably one of the happiest men in Rome!

I would definitely recommend going to L’Insalata Ricca. Whether you want a delicious pizza, or wish to eat something a little less heavy, they have an extensive salad selection so something to suit everyone.

Piazza del Risorgimento, 5-6, 00192 Roma