La Brujita is a western restaurant, in the heart of Coron. The restaurant is full of fresh veggies, which you begin to crave after a couple of days of eating rice – hence its popularity!

Every single night this place is busy with people queuing out of the doors. It is only a small restaurant with around 7 tables, but it is very popular amongst the tourists and for good reason.

La Bruijta serve all homemade meals such as curries, soupls, eggplant (aubergine) based meals, etc.

I would recommend ordering the fried mozzarella to start. It is amazing, (if you love cheese) but so heavy!

Make sure you have someone to share this with or don’t order a main if you don’t. After failing to eat our main course because we were so full, we asked the owner how much cheese was in there and he told us there was a whopping 250g.

I couldn’t eat half of my main course after eating the fried Mozarella (& I shared it!)

The dishes at La Brujita are very flavoursome and extremely fresh. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Coron. We would have eaten here every night if the queues would have allowed it!