Tiemen and I are currently living in Sydney and we have created a mini travel guide to help you lovely traveller’s explore this beautiful city. There is SO much to do here, that we have decided to make a few videos covering each topic in more detail. But for now, here is a short 2 minute mini travel guide to Sydney City, showing you a few things to help you take full advantage while you’re here.

If you’re not a fan of videos and prefer to read (seriously?) then scroll down the page and read our detailed summary of this video! There may even be some ‘Bonus Info’ in there, who knows? šŸ˜‰


Ā Mini Travel Guide to Sydney City

Sydney stole our hearts last year so we have come back for more. No matter what you feel like doing, whether it is taking in the rush of the city, strolling through peaceful gardens, sunbathing on one of Sydney’s beautiful beaches or chilling in a beer garden – Sydney has it all. Below we have outlined a few tips to visiting Sydney, which will hopefully enrich your experience, and save you a few pennies.

Ā Mini Travel Guide to Sydney City


Famous LandmarksĀ 

Obviously visiting the Opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are very stereotypical things to do, but you can’t visit Sydney without seeing these incredible landmarks.They are also very easy to get too, with a train station right next door. To the right of the Opera house, are beautiful gardens with a few cafes and a small ‘lake’. It is a great spot for sunbathing or a picnic if you don’t fancy getting the bus to the beach. There are also many events on in the gardens, like egg hunts at Easter, outdoor cinemas in the summer and walking tours all year round.


Living like a Local

Once you have hit the tourist spots, get out of the city to fully engage in the Australian lifestyle. The Australians work in the city, therefore avoid it at all costs on a weekend. There are a few local markets in the city which a great to visit, offering tons of free samples. This is probably the only time you will see an Aussie in the city, other than to shop in Westfield tower.

Catch the bus up to Palm Beach, which is located just opposite Ku Rai Chase National Park. Palm beach is famous for the Australian TV series called Home & Away. If you’re lucky you might even see the cast filming one day. Palm beach is a great day out. There is an uphill walk (which is pretty steep) to the lookout at the top. The views are stunning and in May you can even see the migration of many Whales. Another great spot is Bondi beach. We are completely aware that Bondi is very popular amongst tourists, but there are many local people who enjoy a day surfing here too. It is only a 35 minute bus ride from the city, which makes it all the more tempting.


Australian Foods to Try

When you go on holiday, you have to try the local foods. It’s one of those must do things when ever you go somewhere new. In Australia, there isn’t a specific dish as such, but there are a few things you have to try.

  • Australian Meat Pies
  • Kangaroo Burger
  • A good old BBQ by the beach
  • Vegemite (if you dare!)
  • Avocados – the Aussies LOVE their Avo’s


Sydney on a Budget

Buying food in Sydney can be expensive. The first time I walked into Coles supermarket I remember looking at the prices and nearly crying. If you are not working in the city, it is very easy to start losing money, quickly. So, for anyone who is visiting for a holiday, you are going to find Sydney very expensive.

A few things we have learned since being here, is where to shop. Paddy’s Market is an Asian Market that sells almost EVERYTHING. If you have forgotten to bring things from home, you will almost certainly find it here. What we go to the market for though is the food. Fruit and Veg are nearly half price compared to standard supermarket prices.

Another good tip for travelling around Sydney on a budget is knowing when and where to eat. If you can cook your own foods – even better! Especially if you buy your veggies from Paddy’s Market. But, as we all know, cooking in a hostel kitchen can be absolutely chaotic at times. There isn’t enough pans to go around and the plates are not exactly the cleanest. If one day you really can’t deal with that dreaded hostel kitchen, then luckily for you we have a little tip. There is an app which we came across through word of mouth last year called ‘Happiest Hour’. This app is AMAZING. Every single bar that has happy hour on, whether is it food or drink will show up on this app. It also shows you on a map where about’s in the city it is. It tells you in detail what is on offer and until what time, meaning you can plan your meal times around the app!

If you have any more tips that might be useful, be sure to comment below and let us know what they are!