Maps.Me is probably our favourite app for travelling, and is definitely our most used app. T found it one day when we were in a foreign country with no local sim card. He downloaded the app to his phone and began to understand it a little better.

How to Use Maps.Me

Maps.Me allows you to pre-download a map of a city, or specific place you ask it too, whilst connected to WIFI. Once you have downloaded this map, you can access it anywhere at anytime, without internet connection. You are then able to research a specific transport route and look up the nearest restaurants etc. You can do this all without the internet, as the data is stored within each map.

For someone who is travelling to multiple countries, this is like music to their ears. You do not understand how many situations we have been stuck in during our travels simply because we couldn’t connect to the WIFI. We did begin to invest in local SIM cards if we planned to stay for a few weeks or more. But for those short city breaks, or week long trips, this is a our go-to app. To be quite honest, even with the local SIM’s, we tend to stick to Maps.Me. In many countries, especially round Asia, the connectivity and signal is pretty rubbish so this app is blooming handy.

Another cool thing about the app is that you are able to ‘Pinpoint’ places you have been too. I love this tool as A) you can easily return to a place you have already been to and B) You can use this tool as a form of documenting every place you have been to around the world!

Maps.Me has 100% saved us throughout our travels and we would probably be lost without it, literally.

Would We Recommend This App?

This app is completely FREE to use and we would 100% recommend it to anybody wishing to travel. It is the most useful app we have come across.

Maps.Me is suitable for Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

If you wish to download the app, head over to their website  or download it from the App Store.