One morning we woke up around 6am to visit the Local Markets Bali in Ubud. Every day, the local people gather in the early morning to sell food to Balinese residents, before the market turns into a tourist targeted place around 9am. We arrived around 7 o’clock in the morning and many items had already been sold. Some people were even starting to pack up. It was still very busy but the earlier you arrive, the better.


Local Markets Bali


The traditional local markets in Bali are a must-visit place. It is incredible to see a ‘typical day’ in the life of a Balinese Local. There are many things for sale from fresh fruit and vegetables, to handmade decorations and flowers.


Local Markets Bali

Local Markets Bali

There are ladies around the market selling cooked food on their stalls, mainly meat – don’t ask me what kind because I couldn’t tell you. Stay away from the raw meat. It is an obvious no-no for tourists as it is sat out in the heat, turning brown and covered in flies (not like you would randomly buy a pig’s leg in Bali anyway!).

Why You Should Visit the Traditional Local Markets in Bali

The atmosphere is incredible and so REAL. There are many people in the market who are in need of the money. You can see, and feel their desperation as they try to sell you their products. The amount of appreciation you receive as you purchase the smallest thing is amazing. You cannot spend your money on everyone though, so it can become emotional as you walk round turning people down.


How to Get to the Local Markets Bali, in Ubud:

Getting to the Local Markets from the Monkey Forest – Head straight up Jl. Monkey Forest road towards the Taman Saraswati Temple. At the end of this road is the main street in Ubud called Jl. Raya Ubud. Just before you arrive at this junction, the markets are on your right hand side, on the corner. They are down an alleyway so it is quite easy to walk past – keep your eyes peeled.

Type: Ubud Traditional Art Market into google and it will bring up the correct location.

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