Caldera Blanca is a giant crater overlooking the famous Timanfaya National Park. In fact, it is the largest crater on the island.

The greatest bonus about visiting Caldera Blanca is that it is part of the National Park, however it is under a different protection, meaning you can visit it without restrictions!

Hiking Caldera Blanca Lanzarote

This crater is huge! You can walk all the way around the top and see 360 views of the island from here. It overlooks both Famara/La Graciosa and the National Park of Timanfaya.

How long does it take to climb Caldera Blanca Lanzarote?

This is a tricky question to answer because it depends solely on your level of fitness, and whether you stop to take tons of photos like I do. The amount of time it takes to climb Caldera Blanca will also vary depending on whether you decide to talk round the top of the entire crater.

Here is a breakdown of what it took me to do each of the stages (I walk relatively fast).

+ 35 minutes from the car park to the bottom of the crater

+ 10 minutes from the bottom of the crater to the lowest point of the crater top

+ 35 minutes from the lowest point of the crater to the highest point (walking left)

+ 45 minutes from the highest point back to the lowest point in the opposite direction (completing a full circle). Take note that this way is a bit more challenging and a small section does require you to make small climbs.

+ 40 minutes back to the car

+ 30 minutes for rest stops / photos

How long does it take to walk the Caldera Blanca crater?

In summary, it depends on your level of fitness, and how fast you choose to walk it. It took me a total of 3.15 hours including a few short rests and photo opportunities.

Hiking Caldera Blanca Lanzarote.

Terrain in Caldera Blanca:

Okay, so the terrain changes throughout the walk. From the carpark to the bottom of the crater, you walk across big stones that have been used to carve out a path. After a while my ankles began to ache so if you have supportive shoes, take them with you.

Scaling up the side of the crater is easy, it’s the typical dirt path that you find across the island.

Once you are up the top of the crater, there is a mix of dirt path, and rocks such as these shown below in the photo.

Hiking Caldera Blanca Lanzarote

Watch Out For…

Once you arrive at the bottom of the crater, it is pretty hard to spot the path going up the side of the volcano.

You will see a few abandoned rock walls (looks like where they used to keep animals). Standing next to these walls, facing the direction of the crater, walk to your left. There is a slightly visible path that will easily make you question if you are going the right way. You are.

After a few minutes, look out for the path to your right that leads up the side of the crater.

How to get to Caldera Blanca

Head to Google Maps and type in “Volcanic Trail Parking”. If you are not currently in Lanzarote, you may need to add the postcode to help you find it easier: 35560 Tinajo, Las Palmas.

Follow the maps and you’ll arrive at an off-road car park. Park your car, take your belongings and follow the footpath through the lava fields towards the crater.

Be Aware: It is illegal to walk off the outlined paths in the National Park of Lanzarote. This is both a protection to the incredible landscape, but also to yourself. The lava is known for sinking and it can be dangerous if you stand on an area that isn’t as stable as you think.

TIP! Take a jumper with you, the wind at the top is cold! (This may not be necessary in the middle of summer – but I wouldn’t know).

In Summary, here is the most important information you need to know about hiking Caldera Blanca Lanzarote:

Address: Volcanic Trail Parking, 35560 Tinajo, Las Palmas
Opening hours: 24/7
Entrance fee: Free
Hike duration: 3-4 hours depending on fitness level/rest time
Great for: Exercise lovers, hikers, adventurers
Not so great for: People very scared of heights (it’s not that bad I promise!). People who don’t want to do a long walk / have the correct footwear to walk across the rocks (trainers are fine!).

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