This was one of my favourite things to do while in Switzerland and so I’ve written this blog to share with you the things you need to know about hiking at Schynige Platte.

️The train that takes you to the top is open mid May – mid October. ️It leaves from Wilderswil station (near Interlaken) and there is plenty of parking at the station, or in the surrounding areas.

️A train ticket costs 64 CHF return pp. It is possible to buy a one-way ticket however and make your way back down on foot. You can buy your tickets online here, or at the station when you arrive.

TIP! If you have a visitors card, given to you when you stay at a registered tourist accommodation (hotels, Airbnb, etc) you get 50% off your train ticket = 34 CHF return.

P.S. Dogs are allowed on the train.

Train timetable

The first train leaves at 07.25am if you want to wake up early and beat a lot of the crowds. The journey takes a total of 52 minutes to get to the top.

The next trains leave from Wilderswil at 08.45, 09.25, 10.05… etc.
See here for more information.

The last train back is just before 6pm so if you wish to watch the sunset from the mountain (which could be incredible!) you’ll have to come back down walking.

Visiting Schynige Platte outside of the train season

️If you want to visit Schynige Platte outside of the train season, it is possible to hike up to the top. It takes around 1.5-2 hours to get to the first train stop (Breitlauenen) around 1000m up. This was at a relatively fast pace.

️ To reach the very top, expect to add another 1-1.5 hours to your hike.

Hiking at Schynige Platte

️Hiking at Schynige Platte

️Once you arrive to the very top, there are many hikes to do. You can do a short walk around the botanical gardens, or opt for a longer hike & see the incredible views below. There is a lake that you can also visit.

The most popular routes for hiking at Schynige Platte are:

+ Daube viewpoint hike
+ Oberberghorn Panorama trail
+ Schynige Platte to First (or other way around)

Daube Viewpoint Hike

Schynige Platte – Daube – Schnynige Platte

All photos are from Breitlauenen

The Daube Viewpoint Hike is probably the most popular hike in the area. It’s a short loop, around 2.4km long and takes approximately 1hour to complete.

The views along this hike are breathtaking.

Difficulty level: Easy. Approx. 150m incline.

TIP! The viewpoint is a very popular picnic spot, so midday can be quite crowded. It is a great place to stop and refuel so maybe you’ll enjoy sitting there too!

Oberberghorn Panorama Trail

Schynige Platte – Daube – Oberberghorn – Schnynige Platte

This hike has some of the best views in the area. It is a 3km loop, taking 1.15-1.30h total and passing the beautiful Daube viewpoint on the way.

You should consider hiking this loop in a clockwise direction to ensure you have the views in front of you most of the journey.

The trail from the Daube viewpoint to Oberberghorn takes you across a mountain ridge with 360 views.

When you get to Oberberghorn make sure you make your way up to the viewpoint for the best view of the whole area. It’s a steep climb up the wooden staircase but 100% worth it.

You can then relax on the way back to Schynige Platte with a swift downhill walk.

Difficulty level: Easy/moderate. 180m incline.

Hiking at Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte to First

Schynige Platte – Faulhorn – First

Hiking at Schynige Platte

Lastly, one of the most popular hikes is the Schynige Platte to First hike. However, most people do it the other way around.

This is because there is a 100m less incline from First, making the hike less strenuous.

This is a 16km challenging hike, only for experienced hikers. Expect to be out the whole day if you choose to do this trail.

The views are incredible, especially when you get to the Faulhorn area. If you are lucky with the weather, you will see both the lakes below and the mountains in the distance from here.

Difficulty level: Hard. 770m incline from First. 970m incline from Schynige Platte.

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