How to find this incredible viewpoint overlooking Lake Plansee!

There isn’t much information on this place, and so if you make the steep climb to the top, there’s a high probability you’ll be up there to enjoy the views alone!

The path is well marked once you find it, but you’ll have to look out for the starting point!

Information you’ll need:
– Park at Parkplatz am Plansee
– Type in these coordinates to your maps: 47°29’19.5″N 10°51’16.5″E
– Walk for 10 mins on flat ground towards the top of the lake, until you see the sign.

– Walk uphill for 1.15-1.30 minutes (we walked pretty fast so it may take you longer)
– Reach the top and enjoy the view!

P.S. for better lighting, I recommend doing this hike in the morning 🥰

We had a nightmare trying to find helpful information about this hike, but we managed to stumble across some coordinates and set off on an adventure into the unknown.

What we didn’t know was how long it would take, how hard it would be & how much we’d sweat! Luckily we had hiking boots on because it was a steep incline the entire way with lots of loose rocks. Easily doable with a good pair of shoes!

The view from the top was definitely worth the difficult hike!