Food in Bali is Uh-mazing!

When you are travelling around Asia, it becomes pretty difficult for your mind [and body] to contemplate eating anymore boiled rice. In Bali however, it is totally different!

Yes, there is a lot of white rice floating around. BUT, there is a wide selection of other food available that doesn’t consist of a Western ‘burger and chips’.

There is a lot of fresh fruit on the island, which is perfect for the humid weather. You can wake up to a fresh fruit juice, or indulge in a smoothie bowl. These were my favourite things about the food in Bali as they were so delicious!

Bali Smoothie Bowls

There are many meaty options, and fresh fish is also big in Bali. Most of these meals include some sort of fruit ingredient too.  Lawar is a chicken or pork based dish, served with coconut, garlic, and chili. Bebek Betutu (lol, sounds funny) is a duck based dish, but again is wrapped in banana leaves, and cooked with coconut. Although most of the dishes in Bali are fried, these ingredients add a little freshness to them!

Of course, their main dish is a ‘rice’ dish. They also have a noodle alternative of the same meal. Nasi Campur and Nasi Goreng are probably the main dishes in Bali. Consisting of either rice or noodles, and fried vegetables, it is a simple, yet delicious meal.

Being an Asian country, even the desserts can be made with rice. The picture below is showing a typical Balinese dessert, a sweet rice cake.


Bali is an amazing place. It doens’t really reflect the rest of Asia.

It is a hard one to describe. It is sort of Westernised in the sense that there are 5* hotels, and 100’s of restaurants. At the same time, there is a still a local feel to it.