The Champlung Sari Hotel is a lovely, 4* hotel right in the centre of Ubud, next door to the Monkey Forest. The hotel has a fantastic rustic feel to it with stone decorations, covered with green leaves around the resort. This hotel reflects everything that I imagined when thinking of Bali.

The hotel is also filled with furry visitors from the Monkey Forest.

Review of Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud

The reception staff greet you at the door with a welcome drink and take your luggage to the room. The rooms are spacious, with big comfy beds and a private balcony. We were told not to leave anything lying about outside as the monkeys would steal it so you have to be careful.

Review of Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud

There are two pools in the hotel with an outdoor seating area and a spa. The water temperature is perfect and the green colour adds to the style of the hotel. There are no pools in the spa but there is an extensive selection of treatments on offer and you get a discount for staying in the hotel.

I had a 4-hour treatment which consisted of a full body massage, a facial, followed by both a manicure and pedicure and it was excellent service, so cheap too! I would recommend bringing your own nail varnish with you for the ladies to use, as theirs is not great quality and comes off within a few days. The rest of the service was amazing and my feet were immaculate!

Review of Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud

Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud

There is a restaurant in the hotel that serves lunch and dinner, and a breakfast room where there is a buffet every morning. There is a small selection of foods available, enough to fill your plate. There are pastries and fruit, bread with hams and cheeses and an egg station where you can request omelettes, scrambled eggs or pancakes.

The monkeys love to sit and watch you eat through the glass windows which is great entertainment. You have to remember to close the door on your way in, or you could cause absolute chaos!

The Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud offer a laundry service but it is quite pricey compared to other places. There are many shops along the main street who offer this service at a lower price. Outside the hotel is a taxi service which is great if you wish to explore more of Bali.


  • Location – This hotel is right next to the Monkey Forest
  • Close to bars and restaurants
  • 2 large swimming pools
  • Spa treatments available (at an extra cost)
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Spacious, clean room with a private balcony
  • Comfortable beds
  • Friendly, and attentive staff
  • Welcome drink upon arrival


  • The monkeys – this one depends on how you perceive them. The monkeys can be great entertainment but they can also be aggressive. You cannot bring food into the hotel or you may be attacked. They usually do their own thing but will approach you if you have food. Just bare that in mind for a more enjoyable stay.
  • There could be a bigger selection of food on offer at breakfast
  • Laundry service is expensive (but there are many services nearby)
  • Cheap nail varnish in spa treatments – bring your own


Overall, this hotel is beautiful and has a very ‘local’ feel to it. I loved the decor throughout the entire hotel. The best part of the Champlung Sari Hotel Ubud was its location as it was in walking distance from everything we wanted to see whilst we were there.

If you are heading to Ubud, make sure to check out my blog about visiting the non-touristy Rice Fields, or the Local Balinese Markets.

We loved this hotel and would come back to stay!