The north of Spain boasts a beautiful coastline, and it was something I wasn’t expecting. Here are 10 places to visit in Asturias that I personally loved.

Playa del Xagó

Playa del Xagó, a 2km stretch of golden sand accompanied by strong waves, making it a great surf spot.

Above the beach you’ll find this viewpoint, perfectly situated for front rows views of the sunset which lights up the beach below.

10 places to visit in Asturias

This area is also exposed to North East winds and so is frequently used as a place to practice paragliding.

There is actually a sign telling you not to set up your picnic on the grass in case you get landed on 😅


Luarca; a very popular fishing village along the coast of Asturias. In summer it’s hard to find somewhere to park as it’s a very busy tourist attraction, with lots of street parties and outdoor events happening. This spot is a beautiful viewpoint where you can see the entire town from above.

10 places to visit in Asturias

Close by is a famous cemetery, voted one of the most stunning cemeteries in Spain with views over the harbour.

Faro de Cabo Vidio

This was my favourite area to watch the sunset in Asturias. Every time we came here, we could see the thin layer of fog in the distance, making its way through the cliffs & when the light hit it, it created this magical moment.

10 places to visit in Asturias

If you make your way towards the lighthouse, you’ll soon see Islote Chouzano! This was a great place to watch the sunrise.

Lagos de Covadonga

A natural area featuring 2 lakes, gorgeous views and numerous hiking trails. There are various car parks on the way up to the very top which are accessible in winter.

During the summer months, you can only get there using the shuttle bus, which costs around €9 per adult for a day pass & €3.5 for under 12’s.

The bus makes several stops, the most important stops are: Cangas de Onís, Covadonga, and the Lagos of Covadonga.

Once you purchase your bus ticket you can get on and off the bus in each stop throughout the day.

Cabo Busto

After a morning exploring the beautiful coastline of Asturias, we found this place to chill and fell asleep under the sun.

I think it’s the best siesta I’ve ever had. This beach gives me the ‘deserted island’ vibes.

You can make your way down to the sand by walking left after parking your car.

It is quite a steep hill so you’ll be working the legs on the way back up.

Playa de Torimbia

Playa de Torimbia was one of my favourite beaches in Asturias. Unfortunately, there is very limited space to park. It can probably fit approximately 5 cars total, and 1000’s of people on the beach.

I don’t get it.

The beach is huge. It takes around 20-30 minutes to walk down the hill from the parking.

10 places to visit in Asturias

10 places to visit in Asturias

A few steps from the parking lot, up the hill, there is also a lookout point. I really enjoyed this beach, so if you are lucky enough to grab a parking spot, you should take advantage of it.

Playas Las Gemelas

If you understand a bit of Spanish, you’ll know that this beach is called ‘twin beach’. Here you can expect to find two beaches side by side. There is a viewpoint in the middle of the two, which you can find here:

It is a short walk from the parking lot.

To access the beaches, you need to go down the hill to this address:

Playa de la Franca

Playa de la Franca is a less-popular beach and I’m not exactly sure why. Once you have parked your car, make your way to the beach. Pick a time of the day where there is low tide so that you can see this place in all its glory.

If you head to the right, you will find some crazy free-standing rock formations on the beach. If you get lucky and have good weather, you’ll also get to see the reflections of the rocks on the sand!


I tried to explain this phenomenon on my Instagram stories and it’s safe to say it was a disaster haha. This place is so cool! There aren’t many beaches like this in the world.

10 places to visit in Asturias

Essentially, the beach is inside the land, 100m away from the sea. There is a natural tunnel that has been formed over the years as a result of the waves crashing against the rocks.

This tunnel is now an access point for the sea to reach the interior land. It has caused a natural beach to form, with a small stretch of sand.

At high tide, the waves make their way through the 100m tunnel and reach the sand. Here you can enjoy your own private, secluded beach!

Well, it’s not private anymore as it has become a popular place to visit. Nonetheless, it is still a worthy spot to visit.

TIP! Make sure you go at high tide otherwise you will only find the beach with no water.

Playa del Silencio

A black sand beach, surrounded by dramatic cliff drops. Playa del Silencio is a great place to spend a few hours in the sun. The black sand against the bright blue water makes this place a great spot for a photo opportunity. To the right of this beach, there is a smaller beach which is also beautiful.

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