Websites & SEO Work

Welcome to the digital age, where more people spend more time online than they do outside. 

As we evolve, we need to ensure that our businesses come with us. Having a website in this day and age is vital for the success of most businesses.

Specifically, a website that actually works. 

I not only build websites, but I am also an expert in the field of Digital Marketing. I specialise in Search Enging Optimisation (SEO) which essentially means increasing your organic website traffic from various search engines. I also studied sales psychology, which I incorporate into most website projects, and use to build powerful email marketing funnels for clients.

Below is a small handful of projects I have worked on, so that you can see the impact I have had on my clients and their businesses.

Splash Artisan Chocolates

A modern website to showcase Michael’s hand-made chocolates. This website includes a fully-functioning WooCommerce store, where customers can place an order directly online. We included a ‘mix and match’ option to allow customers to build their own box of their favourite chocolates, by selecting products individually.

The site is connected to Michael’s bank, and also to an accounting software. This has created an automated system which means Michael doesn’t have to worry about manually tracking his orders.

Peluqueria Amanda

An elegant and clean website to showcase Gabriela’s hairdressers. The website includes a portfolio of her previous work, client reviews, her price lists and a map which allows customers to easily find her.

We separated her services into different categories (hair, beauty, weddings) to make the customer journey experience smoother. By doing this, I was also able to add SEO to each page, which has helped this website rank on Google. Within the first 7 weeks, it was already showing on page 1 for various search terms which is incredible.

Insure Expats

A professional website to showcase the insurance policies that Insure Expats are able to offer to expats living in Spain. Started by two frustrated expats living in the country, Insure Expats go above and beyond in comparison to their competitors and wanted to make that obvious within their messaging.

My clients want their potential clients to contact them via phone or email, and so I added multiple capture forms throughout the site to encourage them to do so.  

Indian Aroma Restaurant

A simple website to allow potential customers to read the menu online, and find the location of the restaurant using the integrated map. There is an about us page to tell customers how the restaurant started, which helps build a connection. 

There is a contact page which includes a clickable phone number, meaning people can call directly through the website to book. 

There is also the option to make online reservations. 

Search Engine Optimsation (SEO)

Ccentric Group

Ccentric Group is a leading Executive Search and HR Consulting firm, specialising in the healthcare, academic, human services. I redesigned their website to improve the customer journey experience.

I also focused heavily on improving their website traffic by implementing SEO throughout the entire site.

This website went from pages 8-15 to pages 1-3 within a few months for various search terms, and they landed a HUGE job as a result of being found directly on Google. 

Watts McCray Lawyers

I worked for WMC to improve their website positioning, mainly focussing on Google. When I arrived, the website wasn’t showing up on the first 15 pages for any search terms in their niche.

After implementing SEO to the entire website, the site slowly began to make it’s way towards to the top.

After 6 months, out of 290,000 search results, we were showing up number 1 on page 1 for our Watts McCray Parramatta office. Our Sydney office also made it’s way to the top of page 2, out of 21,000,000 search results! 

Lotus People

Lotus People is a boutique recruitment firm in Sydney, Australia. I was hired to improve their positioning in Google by implementing SEO into their website. There was a lot of competition in their niche, as they were competing with huge multi-million dollar companies.

We focused on what made them different, and tailored the SEO work to boutique recruitment firms.

Within 6 months, they were showing up on page 1 for numerous search terms, and their traffic increased drastically. 

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