One of the most under-visited spots on the island are the natural rock pools Lanzarote. It’s completely off the beaten track and most tourists don’t even know they exist.

In a way, I want to keep this place hidden, but at the same time it’s my favourite place on the island and I believe the natural rock pools should be enjoyed by most.

So, what I’ve decided to do is tell you where the area is and how to get there, and those of you who truly wish to splash around in these pools will make the effort to find them once you arrive at the location! 🙂

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Even if I wanted to tell you where each of the specific pools are that I have personally taken photos of, I couldn’t! I have been 3 times so far this year and each time I have ended up at a different pool (by accident!).

It is really hard to tell the difference from the dirt road at the top.

natural rock pools Lanzarote

The stretch of rock pools runs across 2km and so you have a fair share of pools to choose from. There are deep pools suitable for swimming in, other shallow ones great for paddling or rock pooling.

How long does it take to get to the natural rock pools Lanzarote?


Depending on where you decide to go, and which car you have, you will need to walk anywhere between 10 minutes to 1+ hour. The terrain is suitable for 4×4 but not small cars (unless you go to the other side – keep reading)

How to get to the natural rock pools Lanzarote

If you type “charcones” into Google Maps, you’ll see where they are. After the salt fields, driving in the direction of Playa Blanca, you will drive past a petrol station on your left. Keep driving for another 200m or so and on your right you’ll see a clear dirt road.

Drive down the road, and depending what car you have, it’s time to either park and set off walking, or brave the horrendous terrain!

Is it possible to drive to the natural rock pools Lanzarote with a small car?

The journey to the natural rock pools is quite challenging as the dirt roads are not suitable for small cars (see below for info on what to do if you have a small car). There are extremely deep pot hotels and huge rocks in the way of the road. I don’t recommend driving down this road if you don’t have a 4×4.

Once you’ve parked, walk left, towards Playa Blanca. You will find numerous pools along the way. Pick one that you like the look of and jump in!

natural rock pools Lanzarote

Another option for smaller cars, is to enter from the other side. There is an abandoned hotel and this road it way easier to drive on. The only reason I even mentioned the first way is because I personally prefer the pools at that side but these ones are still beautiful.

Type ‘hotel en ruinas’ into Google Maps.

Drive towards the Playa Blanca roundabout, turn right onto El Faro Pechuigera road, drive all the way around past Montaña Roja and onto the new-looking roads that clearly were never finsihed.

After a few minutes you will see an entrance to the dirt road on your left. You will need to drive up to the roundabout and turn round in order to access the entrance.

This dirt road is in MUCH better condition, and is fine for smaller cars, with caution. Park at the abandoned hotel, or before if you’re not feeling the off-road drive.

Directly in front of the hotel there are some pools, and if you want to find some more, set off walking to your right.

TIP! Never go to the Charcones at high tide. The waves are extremely powerful, and in fact, deadly. Many people have been pulled out by the tides and have never returned. Be smart.

Check the tide times for the Charcones here.

What to take with you to the natural rock pools Lanzarote

Make sure you take enough water with you as there are no shops near by. You will need suncream and a hat and any snacks for the day!

If you have water shoes, it might be best to take them. In some of the rockpools are sea urchins!

If you make it to the rock pools, please let me know how you got on by leaving a comment below or sending me a message on Instagram!

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