Perfect Your Customer Journey

Are your potential customers connecting to your brand the way you want them to? 

Maybe you are struggling to make sales when you know that your product is worthy of more?

It may be time to up your marketing game.

When it comes to Millennials and gen Z’s, we see the world differently. We see through a digital lens.

No matter where we are, our phone is a device that rarely leaves our side and so, this is your first-class ticket into grabbing our attention,
whenever you want.

However, our attention spans are short.

The question you need to ask yourself is how do you get us to stop and look at what you’re offering?

That’s where I come in.

For your brand or service to thrive, you need to have an online marketing strategy. Are your social media accounts up to date? Are your viewers receiving the same message that you are trying to portray? Does your messaging make sense?

Do you have a strong email marketing system in place?

How Can I Help?

I have over 5 years experience working across a number of sectors within the digital marketing industry. My main areas of focus include social media management, brand messaging and powerful email marketing.

Integrated into my work is a high level of sales psychology knowledge which helps me speak directly to your clients needs!

Social Media Management

Have you properly defined your brand?

Do you have a clear social media message?

Is your audience engaged?

Do you have a clear call to action?

Are your links up to date?

Are you showing up consistently?


Email Marketing

The most powerful way to directly connect with your audience.

Did you know that email marketing has the largest ROI in the digital marketing world?

Having access to someone’s inbox is invaluable.

If you are talking to them the right way, of course.

I can build you a complex email funnel to segment out those who are hot, and those who are not! 


“Charlotte is our go to person for everything that we do on the web. She has built and maintains a number of our sites since 2018, runs our Email Marketing and also advises us on our Social Media campaigns.

She recently built us a brand new site, for which she wrote all of the copy, built the sales funnel (email sequence) and created us a stunning presentation for our webinar that we used to launch the project.

In the first week alone we did over 6 figures in sales!

Charlotte is incredibly talented, 100% reliable and a joy to work with. She writes copy that sells and puts it all together with a great choice of images so that the websites and sales material always look great.”

L & M

“We hired Charlotte for a one-off promotion for one of our new services. She built the email funnel, wrote all of the emails within the funnel and built us a landing page to direct potential clients to. From this promotion alone, we signed 20 new clients!

Charlotte was professional, very attentive to our needs and extremely reliable.

We will definitely be using Charlotte for our future promotions”


Contact Me

If you are looking to build a website, or want to improve your current site, and the amount of traffic you are getting, contact me today! You can use the form below, or email me at

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