Hello there. I imagine you have seen photos all over Instagram of the incredible rooftop pool at Marina Bay Sands. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? To find out how the hell you can get yourself inside.

So, you’re wondering: is it possible to go inside the Marina Bay Sands hotel?

This hotel is like nothing I have ever seen before and hosts the famous 146 metre long infinity pool that overlooks the city of Singapore.

It is extremely popular for that exact reason – I mean the pool area is a building shaped like a boat on top of the damn hotel!

Is the pool open to the General Public?

I am about to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that the only way you are getting in that pool is if you stay a night in the hotel. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t go up to the top of the hotel, keep reading!

Security measures have been taken to ensure that the hotel guests are the up-most priority. The pool can only be accessed via a turn-style which is activated with a hotel key card.

There are also security guards monitoring the entrance in case you have any issues getting in. That, or they’re there to catch the ones trying to sneak in, which you may be contemplating.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I can personally see why they don’t allow the general public to pay for a 1-hour pass. Can you imagine paying $400 for a room for the night, to share the pool with 100’s of other people – no thanks!

Is there are alternative way to get to the rooptop?

There sure is. You can go up to the rooftop bar and have a drink or eat at the restaurant. Alcoholic drinks in Singapore are expensive every where you go.

I came across a bar in the centre of Singapore charging $16 for a pint of cider. The Marina Bar Sands Hotel bar charges $18 so there is not much difference at all!

If you fancy having a drink, you may as well have it with an incredible view.

When you compare the price of a hotel room for the night, that $18 beer doesn’t sound too bad right?

Is It Possible to Go Inside the Marina Bay Sands Hotel?

TIP! The restaurant doesn’t let you in wearing flip flops or trainers (bummer for people like me only traveling with the two – well, and my water shoes. I don’t think they will have even thought about banning those though ;)!?) 

I missed out on this incredible hotel because I didn’t own the correct clothes, nor was I willing to buy new ones just for the occasion. I travelled around Asia for 5 months straight with hand-luggage only so there was no room for fancy items.

Although you can go up and have a drink, unfortunately you won’t be getting the infinity pool sunset photo that you may have been hoping for. But, in this life, we take what we can get right!

Or fight someone.

Staying a night in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Is it worth it?

We all know that many people go to some crazy extents to get the perfect Instagram shot. Let’s put Instagram aside for a moment and ask yourselves this question: What will you get out of staying in this hotel?

Please don’t tell me you are willing to pay $400 for 1 photo that may get you a few hundred likes. The Instagram promotion button can get you that for $5 😉 (I’m joking, although it is true – organic engagement is key haha!)

In all seriousness, make your decision based on what you will get from this experience. It will definitely be a one in a lifetime type of stay. Staying in a luxury hotel, with a boat shaped roof and an infinity pool overlooking the entire city!

The pool is open until 7.30pm so that guests can watch the sunset over the city from the water which is incredible.

Watching the Garden by the Bay show from the rooftop and the twinkling city lights would also be amazing. If you can afford a night of luxury then I say go for it!

It will truly be an experience you won’t forget. Just remember to put down the camera at some point and embrace it through your own eyes.

Here is a link to the Marina Bay Sands hotel – you are looking at a minimum of S$400 for one night in a basic room.

Is It Possible to Go Inside the Marina Bay Sands Hotel?

So there you have it. Is it possible to go inside the Marina Bay Sands hotel?

Sure it is. Get yourself a drink in the rooftop bar or book yourself a night in the hotel to access the insta-famous swimming pool!

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