Hong Kong is a bustling city with numerous transport links. Here is a post to help you choose how to get around Hong Kong.

Getting from the Airport to Hong Kong Island:

Transport in Hong Kong can be quite pricey but there are a few options which will save you a few pennies. We had originally planned on jumping in an Uber that would take us straight to our hotel, until we went to request one and saw the price. They were charging around 375 HKD (60AUD, 34pound) for a one-way trip to the hotel.

We looked into getting the train but even that was expensive. It costs 115 HKD to Hong Kong Station (central) which is around 18 AUD/11 pound. We ended up speaking to a guy at the airport who told us to get the local bus. It takes double the amount of time (1hour instead of 28 minutes) but it only costs 40 HKD (6.5 AUD, 3.6 pound).

Please note that you must have the correct amount of money as the driver cannot give you any change and will deny you access if it’s not right.

The bus numbers depend on where you are heading, but the A11 towards North Point Ferry Pier goes through Kowloon, over the Western Harbour Crossing onto Hong Kong Island, along the harbour front past Central, all the way to North Point on the right hand-side of Hong Kong Island.


Getting from Hong Kong Island to the Airport:

There is a bus called City Flyer which offers a bus service from Hong Kong Island to the Airport for 40 HKD. It is the cheapest and most convenient way to get to the airport. This link has the bus stops and timetables available for this service: http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/airport-bus/route/index.aspx?intLangID=1

Getting Around Hong Kong:

Use the Star Ferry to get from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. It is the cheapest way to travel between the two places and definitely the most enjoyable route. The ferry ride takes 10 minutes to travel through the harbour, offering an outdoor deck with panoramic views.

The metros in Hong Kong are also relatively cheap and the city’s transport system works very effectively. Most of the city is on the metro lines, making it very easy to get around. Use this website for more information on your individual trips you plan to take: http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/tourist/index.php

The Tram system in Hong Kong offers 6 main routes which run from Kennedy Town (West HK island) until Shau Kei Wan (East HK island). The trams are very easy to use, but you must have the exact change as you simply drop the money into a box (no change given). The standard adult fare in $2.30 HKD and a child fare (under 12) is  1.20 HKD