Hong Kong is an exciting place with many Hong Kong Attractions and even more food choices. You only need a couple of days as you can see everything it has to offer in this time. I haven’t included Disneyland in this post as it isn’t a local thing to do or see. I do however recommend you spend the day there if you are as much of a Disney fan as myself. To find out more, visit my Disneyland blog post.


Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is a must-visit attraction in Hong Kong. The peak opens at 7am and you need to go early to avoid crazy queues. It costs 45HKD to take the tram up the peak and another 50HKD to enter the lookout building.

TIP! If you buy your ticket to access the lookout before you take the tram, you pay a total of 90HKD and save 5HKD. 

Be aware that the lookout building doesn’t open until 8am so when you’re trying to avoid queues, just bare that in mind.

We didn’t know so we got the tram at 7. It turned out to be in our favour as we found a few walking trails which took you 360 degrees around the mountain. There were some amazing views from the walk and we would highly recommend you walking around. It took us around 1.5 hours to complete one whole lap.

We paid extra to go up to the top (50HKD = £4.6, $7.8AUD) but to be honest I don’t think it’s worth it. You could see better views from the walk itself and the lookout point isn’t much higher than the rest of the peak. I would recommend taking a walking track rather than accessing the lookout.

Getting there: There are many ways to get here, and it depends on where you are staying. Visit the Discover Hong Kong website for help.
Opening times: The first tram leaves at 7am up the peak. The lookout point at the top opens at 8am. The last tram comes back down the peak at midnight.
Price: 45HKD + 50HKD to access the lookout point



Star Ferry

Take the Star Ferry over to Kowloon (or Hong Kong Island). The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs 2.7HKD. This is a cool ferry ride as you are able to see both sides of HK and the harbour itself.

There is also an option to take an hour Star Ferry ride which takes you on a tour of the harbour. however, this is a lot more expensive that the usual route.

There is a light show every night at 8pm at both sides of the harbour so you are able to see the lights no matter which side you are on. The light show is overrated and is pretty rubbish but it’s something to do on a night in the city.



There are many things to do in the city of Kowloon, with a number of Museums and Street Food market stalls. All of the museums are located in Tsim Sha Tsui. If History and Art museums are not your thing, the Space and Science museums are interactive, with games and exhibitions which make for a fun day out.

Mong Kok has a wide selection of local food for cheap-prices. Their specialties include deep-fried pig intestines (yup, I said intestines), curry fish balls, and their most famous dish is deep-fried sticky tofu. Hong Kong is also known for its bubble tea, which is extremely popular amongst the locals, but I personally can’t stand it.

If you are into your food, you may also be aware that Hong Kong has five 3-star Michelin restaurants, three of which are located in Kowloon. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, 81/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, and Lung King Heen. These restaurants are all very pricey so if that isn’t in your budget, you should try one of these Restaurants Hong Kong which serve amazing food for reasonable prices, including the cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant in the world, Tim Ho Wan.