Hiking Montaña Negra & Volcan El Cuervo is one of my favourite things to do on the island.

Volcan El Cuervo is a crater that you can explore in Lanzarote and is actually a UNESCO world heritage site.

The walkway to the crater is spectacular as you are surrounded by lava fields, with the fire mountains in the background.

Montana Negra Lanzarote

How long does it take to hike Volcan El Cuervo Lanzarote?

Volcan El Cuervo is approximately a 15-20 minute flat walk from the car park. When you arrive at the bottom of the mountain, you can walk either left, all the way around the crater, or right, a shortcut to the centre.

I would not class this as a hike, however it is definitely worth a visit, especially as you’ll already be in the area ready to tackle Montaña Negra.

Spend some time wondering around the site, then make your way back to the carpark.

Across the road you will see a big mountain – this is Montaña Negra.

It’s time to climb it.

There is a clear path at the right hand side of the mountain but it is SO steep. Instead of going this way, walk to the left-hand side of the mountain and you will find a more accessible path. The route zig-zags up the side of it which makes it way safer than going to other way.

3 beautiful hikes in Lanzarote.

How long does it take to hike Montaña Negra?

If you walk at a steady pace, this hike will take you around 35 minutes. The mountain is roughly 500 metres high and this walk is practically a constant incline.

The view from the top is one of my favourites on Lanzarote. You can see the ocean on all 4 sides of the island from up there giving you an all-round view of Lanzarote.

Plus, you get to see the famous Volcan El Cuervo from above!

Montana Negra Lanzarote

What amazes me the most is the contrast in colours this island has, and they are clearly visible from this view point. The black lava rocks, the red firey mountains, the green plants, oranges, yellows, the blues and turquoise waters. It is honestly a vast colour palette.

As a photographer I also noticed the shadows that the clouds portray on the land which make the landscape even more impressing from above.

This hike is a constant incline so can be heavy on the legs but is it 100% worth the climb!

How to get to Montaña Negra & Volcan El Cuervo

Volcan El Cuervo is a popular tourist spot so you simply need to type it into Google Maps and it will take you straight there.

Once you are on the long stretch of road from Tias towards Tinajo, simply look out for the car park, which is located around 200 metres after the ‘Welcome to the Municipality of Tinajo’ sign, on the left hand side.

I love this island, and I really hope you love it too!

If you do any of the 3 beautiful hikes in Lanzarote that I have outlined above, I’d love to here about your experience. Leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram here.