I’ve put together a list of the best places to eat & drink in Lanzarote with the help of some of my good friends who live on the island!

** Some of these photos are not from the specific restaurants mentioned. I don’t have photos of them all, but I don’t like to write blogs without pictures as I find them hard to read 😛 ! **

I have picked a handful of restaurants from different parts of the island. This is so you have a few options close to where you’re staying, or where you are out exploring for the day. I have listed them under the town they are in to keep it organised.

Best restaurants in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Toro Grill Asador ($$-$$$)

El Toro is a true beefateria for lovers and connoisseurs of Black Angus beef steaks. They serve classic steaks from marble meat, popular all over the world: Premium Ribeye, flavorful Picanha, highly marbled Tomahawk, and many more. The food the serve is fresh, and extremely tasty. I highly recommend a visit to Toro Grill Asador if staying in Puerto del Carmen.

Cofradia, Old Town Harbour ($$$)

Fancy some fresh fish, tapas, or seafood? Head to Cofradia. With delicious food and an outdoor terrace overlooking the boats in the harbour, you have yourself the perfect spot!

El Goloso, Biosfera Shopping Centre ($)

This restaurant is located in the main shopping centre of Puerto del Carmen, on the same floor as McDonalds. It probably isn’t somewhere you would usually think about going to eat, but the pizzas here are probably one of the best pizzas on the island!

The pastas are also homemade.

Pizza in the streets of Rome

La cascada, Puerto del Carmen ($$$)

This restaurant is one of my good friends favourite restaurant. She swear that the ravioli starter de rabo de torro is one of the best things to eat on the menu.

Other items that this restaurant is known for is their meat; specifically their cordero or wagyu.

Meat Kebab Coron

La Veletta, Old Town Harbour ($$$)

Right next to Cofradia, is La Veletta. It has a very similar vibe to its neighbouring restaurant and is equally delicious!

L’Italiano ($)

best restaurants in puerto del carmen lanzaroteOne of my new favourite restaurants is L’Italiano, located on the strip.

I usually avoid eating on the avenida as its generally known as a tourist attraction, thus the quality of food isn’t always great.

However, L’Italiano is a newish restaurant, and it’s delicious. 

I had a mushroom and truffle pasta and OMG. I can’t wait to go back and eat it again. It’s called Fusili Porcini. The desserts are also delicious, I especially loved the chocolate fondant cake, and the vanilla pannacota!

One of the nicest pasta dishes I’ve eaten. Highly recommend – especially because the prices are also great!

Vino+ ($$$)

Vino+ has become a hotspot in PDC and so it’s necessary to reserve a table or you won’t get in. This place is pretty overpriced to be honest but it has a great atmosphere and both the food and service is good!

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Best Places to Eat & Drink in Lanzarote

Lava bar ($$)

The Lava bar is in the same square as Vino+, has live music, great cocktails and a ‘grill your own meat’ option on your own personal hot plate! This is a great place to do something a little different!

P.S. The cocktails are amazing and the guy can make you anything you want if you ask for it! I had a passion fruit mojito that wasn’t on the menu and it was that good, I had 2 more 😉

La cantina – Mexican ($$)

Mexican cuisine has become one of my favourites over the past few years so I have to include a good Mexican restaurant in this list! La Cantina has really good food and is on the main strip of puerto del carmen.

Enjoy ($)

best places to eat in lanzaroteEnjoy is an Asian restaurant along the main strip in Puerto del Carmen and the food here is very tasty.

You can order single dishes or they also have the option to order menus to share between 2-6 people.

They include a selection of dishes and you usually end up taking home a doggy bag. My favourites are the duck & pancake, the spring rolls, and anything to do with noodles.

They also have a Teppanyaki station, but you mostly likely need to pre book this as it is very popular. The chef cooks your food for you infront of your face.

The Black Buffalo ($)

If you like ribs you have to check this place out! The BBQ ribs are great and the price is extremely affordable! We had a sharing platter and it was huge, we couldn’t finish it. They have a jack daniels BBQ sauce which is delicious and definitely worth a try!

dos mil cafe lanzaroteDos Mil Bakery

A cafe on the main strip in Puerto del Carmen is Dos Mil.

The prices are great, they have indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the beach across the road.

There is a great selection of sandwiches, pastries and cakes and they also have fresh orange juice, and other juices. A great place for breakfast.

Best restaurants in Playa Honda Lanzarote

Casa Tere, Playa Honda ($$-$$$)

The restaurant is in a lovely location on the promenade at Playa Honda and serves some of the best tapas on the island. The food is all homemade and very delicious. Give the goats cheese tarts and meatballs a try!

Casa Tere is frequented by locals as well as tourists.

La Orilla Beach Bar, Playa Honda ($$$)

Good for cocktails & picoteo (small bites)

*Photo taken from La Orilla IG page

The food and cocktails here are very tasty! The downside is the portion sizes of the meals are rather small, and quite expensive. However, it’s a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the view over the beach and the quality of the products is great!

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Lanzarote

La Ópera – Playa Honda ($$)

Located in Playa Honda close to Deiland shopping center, with plenty of parking. They have a great selection of lunch specials and it is a popular spot among the locals. Favourite items include their meat, fish, ribs and wine.

Best restaurants in Arrecife Lanzarote

Restaurante Cala de Luis Leon, El Charco ($$-$$$)

Luis Leon is a well known chef on the island and so you can expect to eat a great meal here. The restaurant is located in El Charco de San Gines in Arrecife, which is a beautiful harbour where all the small boats dock. There are many restaurants in the area and there is a great atmosphere.

The croquettes, tomato bread, burgers, ribs and steak are all to be recommended. 

La Rustica ($)

A delicious Italian restaurant in the capital city of Lanzarote. The prices are great and so is the food!

La Lolita Bakery ($)

La Lolita Bakery ArrecifeThis small bakery has a great selection of cakes, pastries and sandwiches.

The prices are extremely competitive.

They also have good coffee, fresh orange juice and a few cooked items. I love this bakery for breakfast!

Best restaurants in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Bon Bon Cafe

One of my favourite cafes on the island is Bon Bon cafe in Costa Teguise.

*photo taken from Bon Bon cafe’s IG page

They have a very colourful menu, ranging from healthy avocado toasts, to deliciously unhealthy pancakes coated in nutella.

The burgers are also fantastic, my favourite is the one that comes with goats cheese.

You have to try the pancakes here. I usually take someone else with me and share a pancake as a dessert post meal!

Suculenta Cafe

best places to eat in lanzaroteIf Bon Bon is packed, and it probably will be, Suculenta Cafe also has a delicious menu.

Be aware that the wait time is usually pretty long here.

Hopefully they’ll add some more staff to the floor. 

My friend and I tried a selection of toasts and all of them were delicious.

They also have fresh juices, burgers, smoothie bowls etc.

I’d definitely recommend the food here, the service not as much.

Best restaurants in Arrieta, Lanzarote

El Pisquito, Arrieta ($$-$$$)

If you enjoy eating tapas, this restaurant in Arrieta is a great place to go! It’s located on the seafront and has some of the best fish and octopus on the island.

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Lanzarote

El Amanecer ($$)

best restaurants in lanzarote

Another local restaurant in Arrieta is El Amanecer.

This restaurant is very popular among the locals. They have lots of indoor seating, so it’s perfect for a windy (or extremely hot) day, while still having large glass windows for you to admire the views.

They have a number of delicious tapas dishes available, also local soups, and a great selection of fish.

Best restaurants in Puerto Calero & Yaiza

La Taberna del Puerto, Puerto Calero ($$)

Located in the beautiful harbour of Puerto Calero is La Taberna del Puerto. This restaurant is famous for its paellas and other rice dishes and is said to serve the best in the area.

If you like fish, you should try the classic fideua dish; fresh fish, a variety of tapas (appetizers) and salad.

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Lanzarote
Spanish paella

Natural Nada Mas ($$) Puerto Calero

One of my favourite places to eat breakfast in Lanzarote is Natural Nada Mas.

The literal meaning of the name is natural, nothing more. This is exactly what you should expect to eat here.

Think Australian style brunch, with avocado toasts, eggs, smoked salmon, smoothie bowls, fresh juices, you name it!

If you like fresh ingredients on your plate, this cafe is for you!

Puro Gusto, Puerto Calero

This small Italian restaurants is tucked away upstairs, with a balcony overlooking the boats in the marina. If you like fresh salads, you are in for a treat. The ingredients are delicious and the portion sizes are humongous. I ordered a salad with burrata, and it was bigger than the size of my head. Really tasty food here!

La Bodega de Santiago, Yaiza ($$-$$$)

Located in the local town of Yaiza, La Bodega de Santiago is known as a must-visit restaurant on the island to discover the gastronomy of Lanzarote. The house is 200 years old and was converted to a restaurant in 2005. In this restaurant you can expect to find fresh fish, a selection of great meat and wines, plus other tapas options!


Best restaurants in Playa Blanca Lanzarote

Restaurante Casa Carlos ($$)

Mediterranean cuisine in Playa Blanca with what is said to be a restaurant with one of the best views in the area! It offers a range of tapas options including croquettes and local Lanzarote cheese & jam. You can find pasta and rice dishes, meat, fish and a selection of great desserts!

Brisa Marina ($$)

A very popular spot in Playa Blanca among the locals and tourists alike. If you fancy fresh fish or seafood, this is the place for you! I also love the Lasana here, because they use a lot of bechamel sauce and I think that’s the best part lol. In summer, they have a sprinkler system above your head to spray tiny bits of water on you to keep you cool.

It is located right next to the ocean and can fit a lot of people.

L’Artista ($)

Delicious pizzas and pasta in Playa Blanca. There also have a terrace out the back where you can sit and see the ocean. I really liked the pizza here and the staff were very welcoming.

Best restaurants in lanzarote - L'Artista Playa Blanca

Restaurante Costa Azul, El Golfo ($$-$$$)

Seafood and fish with sea views in the local town of El Golfo. The views of the sunset are spectacular, it is definitely worth booking to make sure of a table right on the beach front. 

So there you have it! A list of the best places to eat & drink in Lanzarote, brought to you by locals 🙂

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