So, you’re looking to find the best beaches in Lanzarote? You have come to the right place!

Growing up in Lanzarote I spent A LOT of time at the beach. Every day of summer, and almost every weekend throughout the year to be exact. So, I’d consider myself an expert when it comes to picking the best beaches in Lanzarote.

#1 Playa de Papagayo + its smaller beaches

I can’t not start with Playa de Papagayo. If you’ve ever seen any postcards from Lanzarote, I can guarantee you that this beach is featuring on the front cover. Think turquoise waters and soft white sand, Playa de Papagayo is a great place to relax and go for a quiet swim.

The road to get to this beach is a dirt road, and will never be tarmacked due to it being a protected area. It’s fine for small cars, just take it easy.

Best Beaches in Lanzarote
View over the main beach of Playa de Papagayo

The beach is located at the South of the island, at the edge of a cliff and has a half-moon like shape, protecting you from the strong northern winds of Lanzarote. This is probably one of the best beaches on the island in terms of being sheltered from the winds.

Playa de Papagayo attracts a lot of tourists and locals alike, so on the weekends and throughout summer, expect to share the beach with many others.

The great thing is, to the right of the main beach are various smaller beaches for you to enjoy.

The further you go, the less busy it is so if you are someone who is looking to escape the crowds, your best bet is to head in that direction.

Playa de Papagayo is a protected area on the island, and so there is a small entrance fee of €3 per car. If you are a resident on the island, it’s free.

Once you arrive down the bottom of the hill, you will see that you can either go straight (slight right) or continue following the road round to the left. If you go left you will see the main beach (the busiest one) and if you choose to go right, you can park your car and set off walking to discover the smaller beaches to your right.

Either way, it’s worth driving up to the main beach, even if it’s just to see it as it’s stunning!

#2 Caleton Blanco

Best Beaches in Lanzarote
One of the secluded beaches near Caleton Blanco

Next up is Caleton Blanco, a beach located at the north tip of the island next to Orzola. This area of the island is very unique – with a mix of white sand dunes and black lava rocks.

There are a few beaches along this coast for you to choose from. Some a lot quieter than others and some with shallow rock pools.

There are two “main” areas – one is a small and incredibly beautiful beach, and the other boasts the shallow pools.

Both areas are mostly visited by locals.

If you drive towards Orzola along the coast, you will see various parking spots on the left hand side of the road. Simply park your car and cross the road to get to the beach.

If you type “Caleton Blanco” into Google Maps, you will find the main areas.

If you want something secluded, there are various places you can stop before you arrive to the main beach.

There are mini rock walls on the beach that you can sit inside to protect you from the wind. Make sure to wear sunscreen and your swimming stuff as these little coves are the perfect sun trap.

You start to feel hot quite quickly so a dip in the cool ocean will be necessary!

#3 Playa del Risco

Think Jurrasic Park meets the beach.

During spring-time the island is more green and so the cliffs down to the beach remind me of Jurrasic Park. During the summer months the cliffs will return to their natural browns, though will still be as beautiful.

Playa del Risco is probably one of the most under-visited beaches on the island because it’s a bit of a trek to get there.

Best Beaches in Lanzarote
View from the top of Playa del Risco. You will make your way down the the beach below.

It is a steep one, although doable for those who are relatively fit and definitely worth the trip!

If you aren’t very fit, you will most probably struggle on this hike. Coming back up is tough, however making this journey, you will be rewarded with the softest sand, and a clear view of La Graciosa.

Playa del Risco is located near the Mirador del Rio in the north of Lanzarote. The walk down is just as beautiful as the beach so if you’re up for the adventure, make a visit to this secluded beach!

There are tons of walks to discover across this incredible landscape but here are 3 beautiful hikes in Lanzarote.
Walk down to Playa del Risco

Is it safe to walk to Playa del Risco?

The path down is clearly marked and easy to find. It can be slippy at parts due to the loose gravel however it is doable. Just take it easy 🙂

#4 Playa de Montaña Bermeja or Playa del Janubio

Black sand beach, Lanzarote

While we are talking about the best beaches in Lanzarote, I have to include a black beach! Lanzarote boasts a number of beautiful black beaches and they are definitely worth a visit. 

Black beaches are pretty rare and extremely soft, plus they somehow seem to sparkle. 

One small beach on the island with black sand is located between El Golfo and Los Hervidores. Another black beach you could visit is just infront of the salt fields (las salinas).






#5 Playa de las Conchas, La Graciosa

So, if you didn’t know, La Graciosa island is part of the Teguise Municipality of Lanzarote and so in essence “belongs” to the island. 

Therefore, I can include my 3 favourite beaches in La Graciosa in this post! If you haven’t heard of La Graciosa or weren’t originally planning to make a visit over there, I highly recommend checking out this post:

2 day trip to La Graciosa

I think I’ll change your mind & you’ll be booking your ferry ticket asap! 

So, included in the best beaches in Lanzarote post is Playa de las Conchas, and once you get there you’ll understand why. 

La Graciosa, in my opinion has some of the best beaches in the whole Canary Islands. 

Playa de Las Conchas, La Graciosa

Playa de las Conchas, translated to ‘shell beach’ has the softest white sand and turquoise waters that you wouldn’t believe you were still in the Canaries. Think Greece, or the Philippines. 

TIP! Be careful in the waves at this side of the island. They can be very big and also dangerous. There are periods where the water is calmer and so you can go for a dip. It can also be fun to play in the waves but make sure you aren’t alone.

If you would like to swim, the following 2 beaches are great.

#6 Montaña Amarilla, La Graciosa

Montaña Amarilla, La Graciosa

This beach is very similar to Playa de Papagayo with its incredible turquoise coloured water. It is located at the bottom of Montaña Amarilla, directed translated to “yellow mountain”.

The colours at this beach are incredible and I highly recommend going to visit. You can either walk for 45 minutes from Caleta de Sebo (the main port/town in La Graciosa) or you can pay €5pp for a 4×4 jeep to drop you off.

If you want a lift back you will have to arrange this with your driver beforehand and it will be another €5pp to go back.

Last up on my list of the best beaches in Lanzarote is Playa de La Francesa, La Graciosa.

#7 Playa de la Francesa, La Graciosa

On your way to Montaña Amarilla from the port you will stumble across this beach that overlooks the cliffs of Famara, Lanzarote.

It is a beautiful place to spend a few hours. Private boats dock in the water here and it’s a very calm place to swim. This beach is usually popular among young families.

Playa de la Francesa, La Graciosa

Best Beaches in Lanzarote

There you have it, my favourite beaches in Lanzarote!

There are many other beaches around the island, especially in the tourist areas which are also worth a visit. If you stay in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Chica is a great place to go. If you are closer to Costa Teguise, then Playa de las Cucharas is cool!

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